Client Rolf Spectacles
TeamTeam work
Duration 2 months – 2014

At ROLF Spectacles wooden glasses are hand-crafed with highest precision. Therefore, the company had the need of workstations that met the specific needs of the workers. My task during my internship was to create, produce, wire and install 15 high-tech work tables. For improved ergonomics, the table can be used in standing or sitting position, since the table top is height-adjustable from 70 cm to 100 cm. The integrated suction for the fine dust, that accumulates when grinding the frames, ensures that workers have perfect view on their workpiece.

To minimize the fine dust, a dust box with an attached vacuum cleaner is integrated into the working surface. The control of the light and the vacuum cleaner which is situated on top is adjusted by a double-toggle switch. The tool tray and the frames, which have to be manufactured, are placed in a bended storage place. Therefore the workers have a good overview and can reach both tools and frames easily.



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