Cooperation FH Joanneum
TeamIndividual work
Duration 4 months – 2013
iF-Student Design Award 2015
AWS-Design Concepts Award 2015

What will hand tools look like in 2020 market?

Develop a new type of electric hand tool and transfer the style of an existing brand to it.


How can a digital picture be transferred to any wall?

Printtex is a mobile wall printer which works using the same principle as an ink-jet printer.



You want to design the walls of your home with custom pictures, motives or texts on your own, but you don't want to work with complicated projections or patterns? With the new wall-printer you are your own professional painter! Printtex enables you to print on walls easily.

As there is no limit to your imagination, as there isn’t any restriction regarding the motives with the Printtex. It works just like a common ink-jet printer, with the addition to print white colour on already coloured background.

How it works

Two coordinate-sensors limit the print area, which appears on your tablet, laptop or similar device. Then you upload the desired motive and position it within the print area.

After the correct alignment, the printer has to print the current color tone seperately. The indication at the edge will guide you to any area still left blank.

Model making

Model making

Model making

“Intelligent use of the inkjet technology
to make the wall as a sheet of paper.”

Jury Statement, iF Award