MAN Start Up

MAN Start Up

Cooperation FH Joanneum
MAN, Kneitz
Team InteriorClara Feßler
Benjamin Loinger
Team ExteriorMartin Friedrich
Duration 4 months – 2015

How does a high efficiency coach look like?

Coach operators face high cost when offering bus travels that are not booked out, or specialized bus types, that have high idle times.


How can the utilization of a bus be increased?

MAN Start Up is a modular system that can be used for various areas.



Concept Phase

Concept Phase

Concept Phase

Buisness Model


The back of the basic bus can be connected with three different modules in order to get different lengthes, capacities and appliciation fields. All technical requirements are included in the basic bus. With the different modules a new diversity on applications that can be achieved by only one bus arises.

To enter into the system the franchisee acquires the basic bus and gets various services from MAN, as well as the provision of the three modules. The trader must take on a certain number of journeys organized by MAN, in order to get the benefits.

Lego Package


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